Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy, Hoppy Undiganosed Children's Day

So, Undiagnosed Children’s Day is almost upon us.  As part of this, Gingerbread and Sunshine is part of the SWAN UK blog hop.  I often mention all the other fabulous SWAN bloggers and rarely have opportunities to link to their blogs as much as I would like.  Now I can!
Below is a list of posts for Undiagnosed Children’s Day.  Some are about what the day means.  Some simply sum up what it means to be undiagnosed.  Some are moving, some are funny – they all give a little insight into life without a diagnosis.  We will all be displaying this list and each time a new post is added it will automatically update across all of our blogs (clever eh!)
So if you are interested in learning more and in hearing the diverse voices of the undiagnosed community; see if any of the thumbnails below take your fancy, then get yourself a cuppa and get hopping! 

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